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  • I am writing this comment, but before I explain you should know that I am the owner of Perimeter Security and run this operation. It is normal for us to always arm the system in the evening when we are home so if a beam is broken the siren will sound. I have a wife and young twin boys so protecting my family is paramount. On Friday night at around midnight everybody had gone to bed, the system was armed, I was still watching TV, suddenly the siren has been set off around the back of my garage. Almost immediately I launched myself up from the sofa to have a look out of the window, a shot was fired towards me and the intruders were already running off. We had security and the police arrive, inspected everything around the property and there was no sign of any attempt on the house, no tampering with windors or doors. It was only in the morning that we found that they had bent/cut 5 small sections of our pallisade and come under the fence. The beam that was set off was the one right by where they entered and left. This is my story, my perimeter alarm saved our lifes, if we didn't have this level of protection round our property I may not have been able to write this report. I therefore please ask anyone not to wait until something happens before you consider perimeter protection, rather protect yourselves before something happens (hopefully it never will) don't be a victim of crime protect you and your family beofre it is too late. I never wanted to ever be in the the position to write this story but I am for the first time in many years having to. Please listen to me, don't get caught out do something for your family you do not know when you are being watched.

  • Best thing we ever did, we put this in nearly 4 years ago now. After a lot of deciding about where to mount our sensors we decided to make them obvious to anyone scoping us out. We have not had any attempt on our property (not that we know of) and feel so secure. Personally if you make them obvious (our opinion) then you are showing any of these horrible gits that you are serious about your security and we should not be targetted! I do however feel very sorry for 4 other close residents near to us that have all recently been hit, maybe that shows you how effective obvious security is! I have referred your services to our whole community.

  • This next comment is from someone that was referred by the customer above:
    After being "hit" ourselves we decided it was time to do something about this, especially that this is our 3rd robbery. Mr.XXX (above) mentioned Perimeter Security to us and we took it up, yes there is a cost associated with it but it's been 3 months now and we havent even had our fence cut since putting up the beams, others in our community have been hit time and time again, do we feel safe, no but we feel a whole lot safer knowing that breaching our perimeter is now very difficult to any intruder. Come on try me again boys at least now I know where you are around my property give me an excuse to use some "fast lead".

  • I recently had trellidoors put in at home, upgraded my alarm system and had electric fencing fitted. Then after much contemplation I had a perimeter security system installed at my home. Having the perimeter security system installed was by far the best investment I have ever spent. Going back and looking at my situation, quite honestly if I had done this first I wouldnt have needed to do all the other upgrades to my security. Everything works so well, it does exactly what it needs to do, I now sleep well at night and feel much safer. Please feel free to post my comment as I am so happy with what I have and people need to know that this is a seriously good system, anyone contemplating one of these systems should not hold back and spend time thinking about getting it as it could be too late, just put your order in it could save help to save your life.

  • A Fantastic Reference from one of our Clients (Thanks Very Much)
    Vehicle nearly stolen; Dogs dead - Sunday night, 29 March, at about 02h20 the RoboGuard (a wireless motion sensor outside, one of four) beeped 3 times in the kitchen and I immediately went to the lounge and looked through the window at the stoep where the specific RoboGuard is situated. At first I didn't see any problem but knew as only human body triggers the eye and there must've been someone sniffing around. Then I saw a movement behind the LDV and shouted at 'them' to............please click to read more.......
  • We leave the system on at night without arming it's siren, it gives me a chance to sneak a look outside without anyone knowing that I know they are there when a zone is triggered. Two intruder attempts have been stopped this week as firing a round off is very effective at making people run! When the property is empty when we go out we arm the siren (separate to the house alarm). We can only assume that when intruders have been to the property while no-one is there the siren goes off and they have run off as the siren sounds before they are even at a window! They must assume we are there and have pressed our panic button. We know this has probably happened before as when you disarm the siren "blips" twice to tell you its been disarmed but if it "blips" three times it is telling you that something has been triggered. When it blips three times we are aware that something has been triggered so we are already alert. Yes we have had attempts since we put our RoboGuard system in but only attempts, we feel so much safer. Thanks guys.
  • What a fantastic system, how did we ever manage without it!
  • Brilliant said my wife, it's so nice to know not only that someone is on your property, but exactly where they are! We recently purchased a pepper-gun to further our protection.
  • Our system was installed by one of your guys, very efficient and professional; Thanks.
  • Wouldn’t do without them, we’ve even taken them camping with us and used them as a portable device.
  • Great speedy service, thanks for all your help. Everything was installed easily, your manual really helped us setting everything up. A fantastic product!
  • Used your “Roboguard”, 2 Beams for the last year, and I feel 100% safer. The beams are on permanently; I have had 2 attempted entries and stopped them before they happened.
  • We ordered a system on Friday morning and paid with utter urgency in mind do to a break in on Thursday evening. Toby helped us with everything we needed, as he was local he even personally delivered everything to us ready to install on Saturday morning - Thanks so much for you personal service and exceptional delivery.
  • A burglary at our property was foiled recently as our perimeter system alarm was set off, after jumping out of bed we watched as the intruders were already running of the property. We are ordering more, everybody should have protections such as this!

Thanks Very Much for your support...........


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