RoboGuard Online Security Extras
  • New Mounting Brackets
    These newly designed manufactured pro multi directional brackets (now easier to use) allows the mounting of your RoboGuard Sensors in many applications, the only RoboGuard that allows fast and easy secure installation, additional brackets can be supplied if you have the need to port your sensors around. Your sensor can easily be positioned almost anywhere.
  • Other Extras
    We can supply various RoboGuard extras for your system, any requirement can be discussed, other options are as follows:
    • Various power-packs (see further info below)
    • Remote Arming Options (see further info below)
    • Sirens, Sound Bombs, Strobes, etc
    • GSM/SMS Modules (see further info below)
    • Car Chargers
    • Remote Receivers (for use with Gate Garage), no more additional remotes!
    • Intelligent Gate Monitor (Sends a signal to your HQ when the gate is opened)

  • Power-Packs
    Plugs into HQ Receiver and provides an audible alarm in the event of a zone breach if armed with a Remote Activation Device (available separately).

    Independent power-pack and siren, also supplements HQ Receiver power. Extends overall battery life of an independent RoboGuard System in the event a power cut or failure.

    Can be utilised in conjunction with HQ Receiver and RoboGuards as an independent audible alarm system or connected up to a house hold alarm as an extra zone through a relay.

    System requires Remote Arming to function and arm the siren. Remote Activation Devices available separately.

    Will sound when activated or deactivated with Remote Arming Device and alert if a zone has been breached on disarming.

    All powerpacks come with mains charger.

  • Remote Activation
    Remotely Arm or Disarm the RoboGuard System.

    Optional buttons available for PANIC, garage doors, gates etc..

    16 bit encryption.

    4 Button and 6 Button available.

  • LED Indication
    An LED Indication module can be added to your powerpack module to give you visual indication of your RoboGuard system on/off or triggered.



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