RoboGuard Outdoor Perimeter Security
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The RoboGuard Outdoor Perimeter Security Solution is wireless, comes ready to set-up (batteries included), is designed for the outdoors, can be set-up in a matter of minutes, is completely portable and is pet friendly.

Each RoboGuard (available in black white or green) covers 110 degrees and up to 20 meters (400 square meters per RoboGuard) and sends an instant warning to a Portable HQ Receiver in the event of a breach of up to 8 zones per Portable HQ Receiver… the system uses top and bottom dual beam technology.

Whether at home, on a plot, a farm, at the office, factory, workshop, on a construction site, camping, caravanning, 4x4ing or simply in the bush… The RoboGuard Instant, Wireless, Outdoor Portable Perimeter Security Solution will keep watch over your perimeter, your family, your property, your possessions, your vehicles and more…

We deliver internationally. Free Courier Delivery within South Africa. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of confirmation of payment (we prefer internet transfers).

Vital seconds warning can save your live, don’t get caught with your pants down!

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Developed and Manufactured in South Africa, RoboGuard has been established for 20 years. We are currently selling the 5th generation RoboGuard System.

No site visit or installation team is required (often the first weak point in security is having someone come around!). The RoboGuard Instant, Wireless, Outdoor Portable Perimeter Security system is a DIY Solution. The system comes pre-programmed to your requirements. We can however arrange installations for you if so required; Please see installation page for more information.

RoboGuards can be mounted on a wall, a tree, a post or a pole – various brackets and options are available to suit every situation (including a completely portable camping and 4x4 kit). The system comes with standard and readily available batteries that will last approximately 2 years+.

The Portable HQ Receiver (1.5 x the size of a call phone) controls the system and domestically can be up to 100 meters (or up to 400 meters, line of sight) from the RoboGuards. The use of the wireless repeater will extend the range over larger areas.

RoboGuards can be programmed into multiple Portable HQ Receivers, so neighbours sharing common areas can monitor each other’s zones or trouble spots.

The basic RoboGuard Instant, Wireless, Outdoor Portable Perimeter Security Solution - consisting of at least one RoboGuard and a Portable HQ Receiver - will provide an audible alert in the event of a breach of a specific zone. The addition of a power pack and siren will provide a “noisy” alarm.

The system can be remotely armed and disarmed and wired into a household alarm as an extra zone.

Available extras include:
Remote Arming Devices; GSM SMS modules; additional power packs and sirens; various mounting brackets; and 12v car chargers for camping, caravanning and 4x4 trip applications…


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