The RoboGuard HQ8 Receiver Unit


  • Portable HQ Receiver and Base Station for up 8 RoboGuards.

  • Approximately 1.5 x the size of a cell phone - measures (approx) 11cm High, 7cm Wide & 3cm Deep.

  • Arm and Disarm RoboGuards.

  • Audible alert in event of an activation in the form of beeps signifying the breached zone.

  • Visual.

  • Constantly communicates with RoboGuards to ensure battery life and signals are in order.

  • Tamper Alarm.

  • Can be wired in to an optional Powerpack/Siren for a “Noisy” alarm.

  • Can be wired in to a household alarm as an extra zone - cable supplied.

  • Can be remotely armed and disarmed using Remote Activation Device.

  • Battery Powered NiMH 6v – good for 12 hours; Comes with charger.

  • Optional 12V charger available; Car charger also available.

  • The HQ can monitor other devices via the RoboGuard universal transmitter which will "mimic" the RoboGuard (electric fence, burglar alarm, and other types of sensor).



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