RoboGuard Online Set-Up & Installations

Designed as a DiY Product, the RoboGuard Outdoor Wireless Security Solution is easily set-up by anyone.

Supplied/Purchased with the required Brackets and/or Poles as per your requirements installation is a simple process and easy to follow. The only RoboGuard that allows fast and easy secure installation, that results in a total portable system.

Although we promote DiY, we can in addition quote you on full installations and set-up. This is applicable to the Johannesburg/Pretoria areas only. If you are elsewhere, we will do our best to arrange this for you. If you would like installation an estimate this will be provided on request.

We prefer not to do site inspections unless absolutely necessary as this has the potential to open up a weak point in your immediate security. The RoboGuard system is modular comes pre--programmed, ready to set-up and designed to empower you take control of your own perimeter security requirements. Feel free to contact us for any further questions in this regard.

Step by Step Basic Guidelines:

Your equipment will be supplied with an installation guide but the basic guidelines are as follows.

  • Property Survey, locate the best position for your site (the beam angles presentation will assist you with this - download here). Ensure you are within range for your receiver, a repeater may need to be installed if your RoboGuards are 100m+ away.
  • Your RoboGuards can be mounted pointing towards or away from your property, always ensure all access areas are covered.
  • Mounting height is important, although you can adjust the angle of the eyes, check that you have line of sight and no beam is directed too low or too high. The bottom beam should always be about 50/60cm away from the ground, or if you have larger dogs the bottom beam should be at head height.
  • Avoid locating your RoboGuard where it might be obstructed by plants or trees, especially large flapping plants as they may break both beams. There are although settings and things you can do to get around this.
  • Although weatherproof, you should still avoid mounting near sprinklers.
  • When mounting the RoboGuard it is always best to ensure it is mounted level.
  • Your RoboGuards may come pre-programmed already, if not programme them into the HQ receiver.
  • Once set-up the "Walk Test" mode on the RoboGuards allows you to check and align your RoboGuards properly. Remove the battery connector from inside the RoboGuard, depress the tamper switch at the base of the battery cover to enable "Walk Test". You can take your HQ with you if required.
  • Once in Walk Test, your RoboGuard will bleep (for about 20 minutes), it will bleep when you break the beams. 3 bleeps tells you that both beams have been broken, if you only get 1 bleep then only the bottom eye is seeing you, likewise if you only get 2 bleeps only the top beam is seeing you.
  • While walking from left to right across the RoboGuard the unit will bleep 3 times, if you only get 1 or 2 then you will need to adjust the eye slightly until you always get 3 bleeps, your dogs are helpful here, when they run around 1 bleep is fine as you want the unit high enough to miss pets with the top beam. Then just move further away from the RoboGuard and repeat. Instructions will be supplied showing you fine adjustments, 1mm adjustment will give you around 1meter height at 10 meters.
  • Walk Test will stop automatically after about 20 minutes, to re-enable it just depress the tamper switch on the RoboGuard again!
  • Once everything is set-up you can programme in your remotes (if required) to work with your HQ and power-pack/sirens, instructions again will be given if not already done for you.

This completes the basic process for setting up the RoboGuard Outdoor Wireless Perimeter Security System. If you have any problems feel free to call us, we are here to assist you.


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