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RoboGuard Online Pricing Summary (Inclusive Pricing)

All prices are shown are all-in, standard courier delivery is free of charge in South Africa on all orders over R950. Express delivery options are available on request.

Export enquiries and quotations on request.

The Perimeter Security solution is modular and can be added to or upgraded at anytime.

We always have packages available feel free to enquire about our Kits.


RoboGuard Sensors

R2'350 Each, available in Black & Green and White
Brackets are Supplied with your order, the only RoboGuard that allows fast and easy secure installation.


Mounting Options

R150 Additional Professional Mounting Brackets for RoboGuards

HQ-8 Zone Receiver

R1'500 Singular Unit
Receiver can take up to 8 RoboGuard Sensors

Charger supplied separately if used without one of our Kit Specials.

Remotes (Used to Arm/Disarm your System)

Remotely Arm/Disarm your RoboGuard System, especially when using one of our Power-pack/Siren module.

R210 Each (4-Button Remote)
R260 Each (6-Button Remote)

Optional buttons available for PANIC, garage doors, gates etc..

16 bit encryption.

Functions as follows:
1 - Arm/Disarm
2 - Panic
3 - Auxillary (HQ Finder - Bleeps the HQ if you have left it somewhere)
4 - SPARE - Or Silent Panic (if wired to transmitter)

You can use your spare buttons to operate your gate/garage if used with a RoboGuard Universal Receiver, see below.


Power-Packs & Sirens

R1050 The NEW Official Upgraded Roboguard PSU (Power-pack) come ready to connect as per your requirements and give battery backup (7ah, 12v) to the HQ and siren power in the event of power failure.
Your siren will require some minimal wiring.

R50 - R150 for Siren Options.
Various Options are available, we will discuss on your quote.

Plugs directly into HQ Receiver and provides an audible alarm in the event of a zone breach if armed with a Remote (available separately). Extends overall battery life of an independent RoboGuard System in the event a power-cut or failure.

Can be utilised in conjunction with HQ Receiver and RoboGuards as an independent audible alarm system or connected up to a house hold alarm as an extra zone.

Universal Reveiver/Transmitter & Repeater

R350 Universal Receiver
R500 Universal Transmitter

R850 Repeater (Receiver & Transmitter wired together), will require 12v power.

Receivers can be used in Garage/Gate Motors with your RoboGuard Remotes

A Repeater is used to boost the signal between the RoboGuards and HQ unit from the standard 100m range to 400m or 800m (depending on set-up).

SMS Pro Module

Various options available, prices on request.

Different optional ar available from a combined SMS/Power-pack module to a fully operational GSM Module.



R450 LED Indication module and LED Box (requires powerpack and discounted when ordered with a kit, discount price shown).
POA Intelligent Gate Monitor (signal transmitted if gate opened to your HQ).

POA RoboGuard Dummy Unit.

If there are any extras that are not listed here we can modify any system to suit your requirements, please mention on your quote request, alternatively contact us for more information on:



Starter Packs & Packages

Remember to see our Specials and Starter Packs Page.



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