The RoboGuard Perimeter Security Sensors

RoboGuard Sensor

  • Outdoor, Wireless, Top and Bottom Dual Beam Passive Infrared Sensor – sensitive to movement and heat signatures.

  • Covers 110° and up to 20 meters (400 square meters per RoboGuard).
  • Algorithms determine whether to transmit an alarm signal to an HQ Receiver based on selected and adjustable parameters.
  • Battery Powered – 8 x Standard C-Cell Batteries (average 2+ years).

  • Batteries Included.

  • Pet Friendly.

  • Available in Black, White and Green.
  • Constantly communicates with HQ Receiver to ensure both batteries and signal is good.

  • Can be mounted on a wall, a tree, a post or a pole – various brackets and options are available.

  • Can be programmed into multiple HQ Receivers.

  • Housed in a UV resistant high-pressure moulded Poly-Carb ABS blend.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

  • Anti tamper switch.

  • Lenses made with Poly IR6, a U.S. patented material and carry a 10 year warranty against ultra-violet damage.

  • Impervious to lightning due to wireless nature.



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